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What was it?

Emerging Broker Training (EBT) is a three-year programme for emerging brokers in the C&W business across the Americas.  Each year has a particular emphasis or theme, with year one focusing on business development skills as well as communication and presentation skills.


What did we do?

Working with a team of six True Colours coaches we each worked with 8-10 brokers over three days delivering a number of highly participative and interactive sessions focused on Presentation Skills, culminating with individual business development presentations to a senior member of the Cushman and Wakefield Faculty.  All sessions were recorded on iPads to capture each delegate’s progress and reviewed 1:1 with a coach, aimed at raising self-awareness and skill building through practice, reflection and feedback.


This programme has been delivered annually in New York since 2006 as part of the overall Emerging Broker programme.


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