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What was it?

The Impact Programme was a solution requested to help Managers improve their interactions and management of both internal and external supply chain partners.


To raise their levels of self-awareness, to improve communication skills and interaction with others and to have the confidence to have timely breakthrough conversations and confront issues early.


What did we do?

Working closely with a Senior Wates steering group we devised a one and two day workshop option aimed at providing a highly practical tools to support Managers, (it’s construction, so it needs to be practical, right?)


We combined the launch of a new behavioural competency model with Insights Discovery to improve self-awareness and also a structure to help managers delegate effectively, facilitate team discussions, which engage all personality types and a robust structure for having difficult conversations and dealing with conflict.


The workshop was delivered to 450 managers over a 12-month period. Results have been outstanding with demonstrable behavioural changes observed.



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