Team Development


Great teams have focus, goals, a common purpose, an effective team environment and keenly honed processes. They’re open to making mistakes because they don’t see them as such, they open to change because they recognise the need to adapt and survive. We’ll work with teams of all shapes and sizes to celebrate their areas of strength and highlight areas of development -


We have a range of challenging business scenarios which combine relevant theory blended to suit all learning styles with practical challenges designed to see the theory in practice in terms of communication, planning, delegation and execution.  Our challenges aim to replicate the workplace, where individuals and sub-groups beed to work independently, but are still dependent upon one another to reach their final shared vision and goal.


Where required we combine these challenges with bespoke outdoor activities suitable for all abilities, be it an integral planning and logistics role, to a full on high challenge outdoor activity, always of course with PURPOSE and focused on the ultimate team goal.


Over the years we have developed an excellent infrastructure and network of venues to complement our business scenarios and team challenges.  We have successfully operated from the office car park to a full on challenge in the Scottish Highlands or Dartmoor National Park.



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